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Here on Travelomatic you can read about the world’s tourist attractions, the things you can visit during your holidays, when you visit a foreign city, or when you want to know your own city a little better.

By tourist attractions, we mean the places that usually interest a tourist, from those that have significant cultural value, to places that have an important history behind them, to the natural beauties or the man-made structures that make people pay attention, as well as festivals or amusement parks.

Some of the tourist attractions you will be able to read about on this site will include museums, historical places, zoos, monuments, botanical gardens, art galleries, amusement parks, zoos, castles, aquariums, skyscrapers, ex-prisons, theme parks, science exhibitions, bridges and so on. If it’s something that a tourist might enjoy visiting while in vacation, we’ll write about it.

As you can see, there are all kinds of tourist attractions in the world and we’ll try to offer you both an overview of the things that they have to offer, to help you determine whether you would be interested in visiting them.

You will also get the chance to rate the experience if you’re already been there, or to leave a comment on the page of that tourist attraction, telling people what your experience was and if you have any tips for them. This way, we hope we will help you get the best experience possible, visiting only places that you know from other travelers that they are interesting and worth your time.

Our tourist attractions will be displayed based on the country, region and city that they’re in. If you’re going to a certain city, simply check its page and that of the region in which it resides, to find out what attractions are nearby. Check out the sidebar for a list of the countries or use the search box to find what you’re interested in.